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Suspension of CIMMYT activities in Iran


CIMMYT will discontinue project support to Iran and close its office in Karaj, effective November 1, 2018. This decision reflects lengthy discussions among CIMMYT’s management, Board of Trustees, its legal advisors and service providers, and with its long-standing partners in Iran.

The decision reflects growing constraints on CIMMYT’s operations in Iran as a result of heightened sanctions imposed in recent months. In compliance with applicable sanctions, CIMMYT will continue to support Iran’s efforts to increase its wheat productivity, supplying germplasm and information on its use through capacity development and related technical guidance.

CIMMYT looks forward to the eventual resolution of constraints and a return to collaborative activities in Iran.

For media questions, please contact CIMMYT’s Head of Corporate Communications,¬†Genevieve Renard(g.renard@cgiar.org).

For other questions, please contact CIMMYT’s General Counsel, Jean-Marie Padden (j.padden@cgiar.org).