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Innovation and technology

Working with smallholders to understand their needs and build on their knowledge, CIMMYT brings the right seeds and inputs to local markets, raises awareness of more productive cropping practices, and works to bring local mechanization and irrigation services based on conservation agriculture practices. CIMMYT helps scale up farmers’ own innovations, and embraces remote sensing, mobile phones and other information technology. These interventions are gender-inclusive, to ensure equitable impacts for all.


Need for continuous testing and application of new breeding methods to deliver resilient seed varieties at a faster rate is more important now than ever before.

Press releases

CIMMYT contributes to sequencing genomes of 15 wheat varieties around the world.


Scientists in the Accelerating Genetic Gains in Maize and Wheat for Improved Livelihoods (AGG) project share history and latest results at annual wheat research gathering.


Wheat researchers listed among world’s most influential scholars, based on citations.


Researchers take stock of the fertilizer recommendation tools in available in Ethiopia in support of the country’s National Soils Strategy.


Innovative tools and technologies help CIMMYT maize breeders in Africa accelerate the delivery of high-quality seed.


Study explores how gender norms and intra-household dynamics shape women’s demand articulation for labor-saving technologies.


Experts discuss solutions to postharvest losses and how agricultural mechanization can benefit rural women in the Global South.

In the media

Source: The Himalayan Times (6 Nov 2020)

CIMMYT and Nepal’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development developed a digitally enabled seed information system so farmers have timely access to quality seed.


As the world becomes increasingly digital, the international agricultural research-for-development sector needs to keep up.


Improving global coordination of crop modeling efforts.


Monitor, Evaluation and Learning Manager uses technological tools to streamline data gathering and analysis for improved project design.