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High praise for CIMMYT course

CIMMYT staff recently completed giving a course titled “Innovative approaches for wheat improvement/pathology”. It was conducted at CIMMYT headquarters at El Batan and Toluca experiment station from August 1st to October 30th, 2006. Seven course participants came from India (2), Nepal (1), China (1), Iran (2) and South Korea (1). While the number of participants was relatively small, the experience was rich.

Course participant Dr. Virinder Singh Sohu (India) said: “The visit of CIMMYT was one of my dreams coming true. My visit was highly fruitful – professionally and motivationally. I had a chance to better understand the breeding for rust resistance based on minor genes, the identification and estimation of number of resistance genes using recombinant inbred lines, the advantage of the single backcrossing breeding method, bulk selection, the alpha-lattice experimental design, the importance of international nurseries data and its retrieval, and grain quality and product quality analyses. I could interact with CIMMYT scientist working on agronomy, plant physiology, biometrics and biotechnology. Overall the program was very well planned and coordinated.”