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New Publications: Climate change’s impact on agriculture expected to have multi-sector effects

May 30, 2016

Farmers group & demonstration drought tolerant (DT) maize plot in farmers field, Lobu Koromo village, Hawassa Zuria district, Ethiopia. Photo: P. Lowe/CIMMYT

EL BATAN, Mexico (CIMMYT) — A new study predicts that climate change will have a large impact on agricultural societies in sub-Saharan Africa that go beyond changes in crop yields or farm income. Immediate secondary consequences include increased vulnerability to diseases, susceptibility to nutritional disorders, deprivation of educational opportunities and ultimately, a reduction in human and societal development potential among the countries analyzed in the study.

In contrast to previous efforts, this study directly integrates the uncertainties in estimations of income changes and secondary consequences through a weighting scheme. The article concludes by proposing a portfolio of policy options for ameliorating the secondary impacts of climate change including renewed efforts to develop and extend adaptation solutions, like irrigation or water harvesting, that are not currently widely adopted in the African context. Additional interventions include implementing supplementary feeding programs, financial assistance for education, ensuring low cost health care is available and increasing efforts to reduce the cost of and improve public transportation.

Learn more about the study “Climate change and indicators of probable shifts in the consumption portfolios of dryland farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa” and other new publications from CIMMYT below.

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