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Mexico’s agrarian legal office officers visit HQ

May 4, 2007

1On Wednesday, 02 May 2007, representatives of the Mexico’s Agrarian Legal Office (La Procuraduría Agraria), Rubén Gallardo Zúñiga, Director of Agrarian Research in the General Direction of Research and Publications, Jaime Alejo Castillo, Director General of Social Communication, Fernando López Rojas, Director of Agrarian Organization, and Nicolás Edmundo Venosa Peña, Director General of Research and Publications, visited El Batán to learn about CIMMYT and explore areas of collaboration.

The Agrarian Legal Office was officially established in 1992 to help advise and protect farmers in affairs of land tenure, but its work builds on legal and administrative precedents of protecting and documenting land use and ownership that date back to when Mexico was still a Spanish colony. The visitors toured and met with staff of the Director General’s office, GREU, ITAU, SIDU, and Corporate Communications, and left enthused and impressed by what they learned of CIMMYT.