Maize breeding for the maize-coffee system

May 14, 2012
The Colombian national police for coffee growers is the renovation of 20% old coffee plantations to increase coffee profitability. For this purpose, an intercrop is needed for income generation while the new coffee plant grows being maize crop an excellent alternative because a profit of USD 800/ha could be get for each of the 3 maize cropping that can be done before the first coffee harvesting. Coffee area for renovation is 160 000 has.

Develop maize cultivars with high grain yield potential and tolerant to key maize disease in this area: Cercospora zeae-maydis and Phyllachora maydis.
Project started in 2004 and will end in 2012 (third phase).

Partner countries:


Funding institutions:

FEDERECAFE (Colombian Coffee Growers Association)
FENALCE (Colombian Cereal Growers Association)

Key Partner Institutions:
FEDERECAFE (Colombian Coffee Growers Association)
FENALCE (Colombian Cereal Growers Association)
Principal coordinators:
Luis A. Narro, Leader
Alba Lucia Arcos, CIMMYT scientist
Argemiro Moreno, CENICAFE scientist
Jose Ever Vargas, FENALCE scientist
Expected outputs:
Breeder seed of improved cultivars
Project activities
Diseases impact
Evaluation of 400 inbreds and 800 hybrids on 2 locations of the Colombian coffee area during 2010
OPVs released: FNC 31AC, FNC 32AC
Hybrids released: FNC 3054, FNC 3056, FNC 318

A TV program from FEDERECAFE

Capacity building:

Statistical and experimental design course
Field days

Contact details:

Dr. Luis A. Narro