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EiB sabbaticals in Bioinformatics and Data Management


The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center, known by its Spanish acronym, CIMMYT®, is a not-for-profit research and training organization with partners in over 100 countries. Please refer to our website for more information: www.cimmyt.org

As part of the new CGIAR portfolio of research programs and platforms (www.cgiar.org/our-strategy), CIMMYT is leading the Excellence in Breeding Platform (www.excellenceinbreeding.org). The Platform is a cross-commodity Platform that supports the modernization of breeding programs targeting Africa, Asia and Latin America for greater impact on food and nutrition security, climate change adaptation and development.

The Excellence in Breeding Module 5 will be sponsoring short-term sabbaticals (approximately 1 month) in 2018 for members of the Data management and Biometrics/Bioinformatics Communities of Practice. The sabbaticals are intended to provide opportunities for scientists to develop critical new skills and expand collaborations across CG centers. As such proposed sabbaticals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Skills acquired through the sabbatical will fill critical gaps in Bioinformatics, Biometrics, and Data Management at the scientist’s home institution.
  • Potential for the sabbatical to establish long-term collaborative networks between the home and host institutions.
  • The feasibility of the proposed sabbatical work plan.

The proposal should provide a brief plan of work, provide a justification for the choice of the host institution, and address the 3 criteria listed above. It is recommended that applicants contact the host institution to confirm they will have the capacity to host a sabbatical prior to submitting.

To be eligible for consideration a one-page proposal must be sent to Excellence-In-Breeding@cgiar.org by May 25 2018. Interested candidates must download the application form here.