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International Wheat Yield Partnership

The International Wheat Yield Partnership is an international partnership of research funders and research organizations whose objective is to increase wheat yield and develop new wheat varieties adapted to different geographical regions. The project is a long-term, global endeavor that uses a collaborative approach to bring together international funding from public and private research organizations.

The Partnership supports both core infrastructure and facilitate transnational open calls for research, all targeted at raising the yield potential of wheat. Over the first five years, the growing list of partners aims to invest up to $100 million. All partners are committed to transparency, collaboration, open communication of results and data sharing. Additionally, they support improved coordination to maximize global impact and eliminate duplication of effort.


  • Discover genetic variations that create the differences in carbon fixation and partitioning between wheat lines
  • Harness genes from wheat and other species through genetic modification to boost carbon capture and fixation to increase biomass production
  • Improve grain yields and harvest index
  • Develop wheat lines and encourage breakthrough technology development to incorporate into breeding programs.

Project Date: 2014-2015

Project Leader:

Project Website: http://iwyp.org/

Funding Organizations: Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)