Working with smallholders to understand their needs and environmental concerns, CIMMYT brings the right seeds and inputs to local markets, raises awareness of more productive cropping practices and works to build local mechanization and irrigation services based on conservation agriculture principles. Excellence in farming requires innovation. CIMMYT embraces remote sensing and communications technologies to modernize farms, regardless of size or location. These efforts aim to boost cereal production by 70 percent to meet demand as the global population grows to a projected 9 billion people by 2050. This growth must occur while protecting such natural resources as water and improving soil quality. Small-scale farming remains the dominant mode of agricultural production in Africa, Latin America and Asia where smallholder farmers represent an opportunity to contribute to global agricultural system that can sustain future livelihoods.


  • Crossing WW landraces with elite germplasm
  • WW landraces seed purification
  • WW elite germplasm-rainfed with terminal high temperature
  • Post germination drought and soil crust
  • Leaf sampling of WW landraces for DNA fingerprint
  • WW landraces under rainfed conditions


  • Sustainable Intensification for food security in Africa