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8th advanced course on conservation agriculture in Asia

ca course announcemnetAdvanced course on conservation agriculture in Asia:

As climate change continues to challenge food systems globally, sustainable agriculture offers a viable solution to help mitigate the effects of and help farmers adapt to drought, heat and other climate change effects.

However, a gap in availability and access to sustainable technology and practices prevent many farmers from adopting sustainable agriculture.

The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) has been organizing an annual Advanced Course on Conservation Agriculture since 2010 to meet this gap. The two week course will be held October 23 to November 6, 2017 at the Borlaug Institute for South Asia in India. The course builds on CIMMYT’s capacity development and training activities of students, partners and staff.

CIMMYT along with the rest of the CGIAR System Organization and partner organizations hold courses like the advanced course on conservation agriculture to ensure better preparation for future food security challenges by making sure the farmers and researchers are trained in the latest sustainable technology and practices in agriculture. CA practices like minimal soil disturbance, permanent soil cover and the use of crop rotation can simultaneously maintain and boost yields, increase profits and protect the environment. It contributes to improves soil function and quality, which can improve resilience to climate variability.

To learn more about the course and apply read the full event announcement here. 

Start Date:

October 23, 2017

End Date:

November 6, 2017



Course cost:

USD $4,200


July 15, 2017