Shamie Zingore photoInternational Plant Nutrition Institute

Shamie Zingore is director of the sub-Saharan Africa program at the International Plant Nutrition Institute. A Zimbabwe national, he has worked extensively with farmer groups, input suppliers and other stakeholders to develop innovations, build capacity, and promote information exchange on soil fertility management practices for enhancing productivity of agriculture in Africa. Zingore has a strong interest in the application of crop-soil models and decision support systems to improve recommendations for fertilizer and soil fertility management.

Zingore worked for the Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Engineering as research assistant before studying for a doctorate at Wageningen University and Research Center with support from the Tropical Soil Biology and Fertility Institute of the Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (TSBF-CIAT). On completion of his doctorate, Zingore took a research position with TSBF-CIAT and implemented regional projects that developed principles for improving management of fertilizers and organic nutrient resources within complex and heterogeneous crop-livestock farming systems in sub-Saharan Africa.