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Easily organize and share research papers references

June 24, 2010

Reference management software is a common way for researchers to organize scientific articles and access citation information. Programs like Reference Manager and EndNote (both from Thompson Reuters) help users to organize references, while newer programs like Mendeley embrace IT and social networking as well.

Mendeley is first and foremost a reference management package and includes both a desktop application (Mendely Desktop) and a Web Interface (Mendeley Web). Mendeley Desktop indexes and organizes all of your PDF documents and research papers into a personal digital bibliography. It also gathers document details from your PDFs, allowing you to effortlessly search, organize, and cite them. It also looks up DOIs (digital object identifiers) and other related document details automatically. The drag and drop functionality makes populating the library quick and easy.

Additionally, the Web Importer allows you to quickly and easily import papers from resources such as Google Scholar, websites of journal publishers, and many others at the click of a button. Mendeley Web takes the experience a step further by allowing you to use shared and public collections to share information, resources, and experiences with fellow researchers. Members of your team will have easy access to each others’ papers.

CIMMYT’s collection of scientific papers references is available here. CIMMYT library can also provide this collection in a format compatible with other reference management systems. The Mendeley desktop application is free, as are basic features of the Mendeley Web. For larger collections, it is necessary to purchase space.