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New Provitamin A maize platform fights hidden hunger in Tanzania

June 19, 2017

Joyce Maru is a capacity development & communications specialist at the International Potato Center A farmer prepares maize porridge using Provitamin A maize. Photo: R.Lunduka/CIMMYT Vitamin A def …

CIMMYT is recognized for its role in strengthening Malawi’s maize seed system

November 13, 2015

CIMMYT receives an award in recognition of its efforts and contributions towards developing and strengthening Malawi’s maize seed system

CIMMYT-Bangladesh showcase technology at national fair

July 6, 2015

Bangladesh’s Minister of Agriculture Motia Chowdhury (3rd from left) visited the CGIAR Pavilion while inaugurating the National Agricultural Technology Fair held in Dhaka on 5-7 April 2015. In the pho …

Phenotyping, plant breeding and precision agriculture in Peru

October 16, 2012

The National Agricultural Innovation Institute, through the Vista Florida Experiment Station in Chiclayo, Peru, in collaboration with CIMMYT, organized the workshop “Phenotyping in plant breeding and …

Global public goods workshops at CIMMYT

August 14, 2007

During August 15-23 CIMMYT El Batán is hosting two workshops attended by scientists from CGIAR centers and other organizations involved in genetic resource management —including CIMMYT Mexico and Keny …

Developing CG guidelines for safe germplasm exchange

August 4, 2007

Meetings under phase two of the World Bank’s project on Collective Action for the Rehabilitation of Global Public Goods in the CGIAR Genetic Resources System continued at El Batán this week, as partic …

John Niederhauser remembered at Toluca Station

August 11, 2006

On Saturday, July 29th the ashes of Dr. John S. Niederhauser, who died in August 2005, were laid to rest in a potato field at the Toluca station, by his son Mr. Roberto Niederhauser and his wife. Nied …

Accessing vital knowledge in data: CIMMYT hosts important crop information workshop

May 26, 2006

One of the most important aspects of any crop breeding program is the collection, storage, retrieval and analysis of data for germplasm (e.g. wheat and maize seed) plant breeders use. This includes ph …