CIMMYT journal article database

October 13, 2006

Fourteen years ago, John Woolston, a dedicated CIMMYT volunteer, compiled and began maintaining a list of CIMMYT’s peer-reviewed journal articles. A version covering the years 1966- 2002 was published and is available on the web site at docs/journal/articles.htm. Now he and Lucia Segura at the Headquarters library have gone a step further. They have created a searchable, online database of peer-reviewed articles published by CIMMYT staff starting from 2003. It will be one of the tools CIMMYT uses to make it easier to compile our publications records for the annual World Bank indicator exercise and will also let the general public search to see what work our scientists have published.

You can find an overview of the database at wps/library/journalArticles.htm. This page has a link to the database itself. The new database also addresses concerns of CIMMYT scientists who felt it was difficult for partners in developing countries to know what papers had been published. The current database is as complete as the data we already have.

The library staff want all CIMMYT scientists to check the database to see whether all their own articles have been included and to inform the Library immediately of any other items, old or new, that might be eligible for inclusion.