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CIMMYT-El Batán celebrates Christmas

December 22, 2007

Staff at CIMMYT-El Batán celebrated Christmas and the year’s end with a party on 14 December 2007. There was a relaxed and happy atmosphere as everyone sat down for a wonderful meal, kindly served and prepared by Comedor staff, on the guest house lawn. Masa welcomed everyone to the party, congratulated several staff members for their awards and achievements this past year, and wished everyone a happy and prosperous New Year.

Isabel Peña presented certificates to loyal staff who have dedicated 10 or more years of service to CIMMYT. Both Mauro Ramírez Sánchez and Joaquín Arias López of El Batán were recognized for 40 years of service to CIMMYT.

The band Cuarto Blanco played a mix of upbeat music and 14 brave and talented couples took to the floor for the dance competition. During several elimination rounds, competitors danced to rock and several Latin styles: salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, and duranguense. First place went to Roberto Juárez and Rossy Acosta; second to José Luis Herrera and Olimpia Segundo; third to Jorge Enciso and Laura Rodríguez; fourth to Clemente Salas and Karina; and fifth to Daniel Terrazas and Ma. del Rosario. Congratulations to all who participated!

Special thanks go to staff from Purchasing, Human Resources, and Design for working on the certificates of outstanding achievement, and to Janín Trinidad, Diana Gómez, Marisa de la O, Gerardo Hurtado, and Antonio Torres for organizing the celebration.

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