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CIMMYT and Cargill Mexico announce second food security and sustainability awards

September 29, 2016
  • For a second year in a row, $25,000 will be awarded to projects contributing to food security and sustainability in Mexico’s agricultural sector.
  • Cargill will also be sponsoring a study to improve sustainability and responsible sourcing practices in Mexico’s maize and wheat markets.

MEXICO CITY – The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) and Cargill Mexico announced today the second Cargill-CIMMYT Food Security and Sustainability Award during CIMMYT’s 50th anniversary celebration.  

A prize of $25,000 will be awarded to projects that promote sustainable food security solutions in Mexico and are implemented by farmers, researchers and opinion leaders.

“Ultimately, Cargill and CIMMYT want to develop an operational strategy that can be replicated in other parts of Mexico and beyond,” said Cargill Senior Director of Corporate Responsibility, Michelle Grogg.

Effective sustainable intensification strategies in Mexico, or anywhere else, only achieve significant and sustainable yield increases when innovative leaders in the links forming the agri-business chain collaborate with each other, said CIMMYT’s director general, Martin Kropff. “CIMMYT is proud to partner with Cargill to identify and contribute to the great work that farmers, researchers and opinion leaders are doing in different links of Mexico’s maize and wheat value chains.”

  • The farmer association representative invested their $10,000 award in a conservation project that helped renew machinery and equipment.
  • The researchers category $10,000 award went to technological developments aimed at reducing consumption of fertilizers and herbicides in agriculture soybeans.
  • And, the opinion leader category winner used their $5,000 award to purchase a rainwater conservation system to help boost maize farmers’ productivity in the state of Hidalgo.

Cargill is also sponsoring a study to evaluate and outline a sustainable and responsible sourcing plan for the Mexican maize and wheat markets. A task force, including Cargill and CIMMYT experts, will evaluate pilot areas and approaches, including different ways to implement more sustainable and responsible sourcing practices in the local supply chain.

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