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Ceremony and pine for Hugo Córdova

January 29, 2010


In memory of revered maize breeder and CIMMYT distinguished scientist Hugo Córdova, who died 25 December 2009, CIMMYT staff and management joined with América Córdova, Hugo’s wife, and friends of the family in a simple, solemn ceremony on Wednesday 20 January 2010 to plant a Pino Michoacana Martínez in the pine grove near the main building at El Batán. The planting followed the opening presentations for 2010 Science Week, which included a tribute by Tom Lumpkin on the center’s behalf to Córdova and Norman Borlaug. tree3“These two hunger fighters are part of the CIMMYT ‘panteon’—people whom we should all remember and emulate,” said Lumpkin. In the planting ceremony, Marianne Bänziger briefly mentioned Hugo’s achievements and the way he constantly challenged colleagues and partners to do their best in pursuit of CIMMYT’s mission. América thanked all present for their support and kind words. “It’s a great comfort for me in this difficult moment to hear CIMMYT directors’ recognition of the value of Hugo’s work and the esteem and affection colleagues had for him,” she said. Bänziger announced that similar commemorative trees would be planted in honor of Hugo at the Agua Fría and Tlaltizapán experiment stations.