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April 20, 2016

Making more from less: matchmaking maize to poor soils

April 21, 2015

WHEN FERTILIZER IS LIMITED, BREEDING SOLUTIONS FOR THE STAFF OF LIFE IN AFRICA A farmer applying a solution only very few can afford in adequate amounts: nitrogen fertilisers for poor soils in Africa …

Poor soils a huge limitation for Africa’s food security

April 19, 2015

Today, Berlin, Germany, hosts soil scientists from across the world who have converged for the Global Soil Week (GSW) to find solutions for sustainable land governance and soil management. Farmers and …

Global Soil Week

April 16, 2015

For the much-needed focus they bring on a burning issue, CIMMYT’s Improved Maize for African Soils (IMAS) Project celebrates the Global Soil Week and the International Year of Soils. Africa’s maize fa …