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Borlaug Institute for South Asia

The Borlaug Institute for South Asia is a non-profit international research institute dedicated to food, nutrition, livelihood security and environmental rehabilitation in South Asia, which is home to more than 300 million undernourished people. The project is a collaborative effort involving CIMMYT and the Indian Council for Agricultural Research. Its objective is to harness the latest technology in agriculture to improve farm productivity and sustainably meet the demands of the future. Those involved in the project are not only committed to the people and farmers of South Asia, but also to make a concerted effort to catalyze a second Green Revolution that will replicate the successes of the first, which dramatically increased food production in the 20th century.

Updated June 2015 


  • Ensure access to latest research technologies not currently available in the region
  • Strategize research aimed at doubling food production in South Asia, using less water, land and energy
  • Develop technologies for higher productivity in rice, maize and wheat-based farming systems
  • Design research outputs targeted to small and marginal farmers across the region
  • Create a new generation of scientists to work with new technologies through training programs in South Asia
  • Build a forum with partners from all sectors to transform farmer’s lives and improve food security
  • Build on CIMMYT’s germplasm research, and make research products and know-how developed by BISA freely available to stakeholders

Project Leader:  Hari Shanker GuptaDirector General, h.s.gupta@cgiar.org

Funding Organization: Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR)

Project Website: bisa.org