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Management Committee

The Management Committee consists of experienced members of senior management within CIMMYT’s research programs and service units. It has 16 members with diverse backgrounds and skills and strives for consensus. CIMMYT’s Management Committee is a forum for discussion, sharing of information, decision-making and advising the Director General and Board of Trustees on relevant topics. It discusses cross-institutional matters and ensures that CIMMYT’s research, management and investment strategies are translated into relevant management actions.


Profile image for Monika Altmaier

Monika Altmaier

Director of Human Resources

Profile image for Hans-Joachim Braun

Hans-Joachim Braun

Director of CIMMYT's Global Wheat Program and the CGIAR Research Program on Wheat

Profile image for Olaf Erenstein

Olaf Erenstein

Socioeconomics Program Director

Profile image for Kick Geels

Kick Geels

Director of Finance

Profile image for Bruno Gerard

Bruno Gerard

Sustainable Intensification Program Director

Profile image for Bram Govaerts

Bram Govaerts

Director of the Integrated Development Program

Profile image for Michelle Guertin

Michelle Guertin

Director of Project Management and Regional Corporate Services Coordination

Profile image for Arun Kumar Joshi

Arun Kumar Joshi

Regional Representative for Asia and Country Representative for India

Profile image for Martin Kropff

Martin Kropff

Director General

Profile image for Stephen Mugo

Stephen Mugo

Maize Breeder, Regional Representative for Africa and Country Representative for Kenya

Profile image for Kevin Pixley

Kevin Pixley

Genetic Resources Program Director

Profile image for B.M. Prasanna

B.M. Prasanna

Director of CIMMYT's Global Maize Program and the CGIAR Research Program on Maize

Profile image for Geneviève Renard

Geneviève Renard

Director of Communications