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Learning from 8,000 people to integrate gender into agricultural research

It is often a mystery why a new agricultural technology or practice can be successful in one community yet fail to have the desired effect in another.

How improved maize gives options to farmers

Improved seeds resilient to drought, disease and other stresses allow farming families to invest more in their livelihoods and children’s futures.

Participatory approaches to gender in agricultural development

For gender specialist Mulunesh Tsegaye participatory approaches are the best way of ensuring agricultural development projects are responsive to gender dynamics.

Kenyan delegation visits CIMMYT for collaboration on nixtamalization

Sicily Kariuki presses a perfect tortilla. Photo: Sam Storr/CIMMYT On Thursday, 5 November, a delegation of Kenyan scientists and government officials visited CIMMYT, concluding a fact-finding mission …

Studies confirm the value of biofortification

A study published early this month in the Journal of Nutrition shows that biofortified maize can meet zinc requirements and provide an effective dietary alternative to regular maize for children in vu …

Maize and wheat global gender study: coding large-scale data to reveal the drivers of agricultural innovation

Over the last week, MAIZE and WHEAT CRP investigators from the global cross-CRP study on gender in agricultural innovation met at El Batán from 26 Feb to 1 March to take stock of progress so far and p …

Upcoming: 12th Asian Maize Conference

In Asia, maize production is growing at a faster rate than any other cereal. The demand for maize has grown in response to changing consumer habits; with greater demand for meat in consumers’ diets, m …