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CIMMYT receives “Excellence Through Stewardship” certification

June 8, 2015

CIMMYT has been awarded an Excellence Through Stewardship (ETS) certificate of achievement for successfully completing the ETS audit requirements for its operations in Mexico and Kenya. ETS is a globa …

Impact in farmers’ fields is the driving force of science and innovation in agriculture, says new CIMMYT DG Martin Kropff

June 8, 2015

Agricultural research for development must reconcile approaches that place resource-poor farmers at the center, said CIMMYT’s new Director General addressing staff at CIMMYT headquarters near Mexico C …

Martin Kropff, new CIMMYT Director General, embraces science for impact

June 3, 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EL BATAN, Mexico (CIMMYT) – Martin Kropff, who takes the helm as director general at the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) this week, considers science th …

Australian visit to CIMMYT-Turkey strengthens decades-long collaboration

June 1, 2015

The CIMMYT Australia ICARDA Germplasm Evaluation Project (CAIGE) organized a visit for Australian breeders to Turkey during 19 April-3 May. Participants learned about the germplasm evaluation and sele …

SUPER WOMAN: Evangelina Villegas developed transformative quality-protein maize

May 29, 2015

DIETARY DEPENDENCE ON MAIZE PUTS SOME PEOPLE AT RISK FOR MALNUTRITION For International Women’s Day I would like to honor Dr. Evangelina Villegas, one of CIMMYT’s original “superwomen,” not only for t …

SUPER WOMAN: Paula Kantor engages men to support gender progress

May 29, 2015

FOCUS ON WOMEN CAN INADVERTENTLY END UP ALIENATING MEN Gender research and outreach should engage men more effectively, according to Paula Kantor, CIMMYT gender and development specialist who is leadi …

SUPER WOMAN: Jeanie Borlaug Laube unites global wheat community

May 29, 2015

International Women’s Day on March 8, offers an opportunity to recognize the achievements of women worldwide. This year, CIMMYT asked readers to submit stories about women they admire for their selfle …

SUPER WOMAN: Dolores Robles González spurs farmers to adopt conservation agriculture

May 29, 2015

NEW FARMING TECHNIQUES IN MEXICO LOWER COSTS AND INCREASE PRODUCTION International Women’s Day on March 8, offers an opportunity to recognize the achievements of women worldwide. This year, CIMMYT ask …

WheatMatters Podcast # 1

May 28, 2015

In this episode of the Wheat Matters podcast we tour CIMMYT’s seed bank and find out why genetic resources are a cornerstone for crop improvement and an essential ingredient to meet current and future …

Harnessing Mexico’s Sun: CIMMYT Installs 920 Solar Panels in Green Initiative

May 18, 2015

CIMMYT is actively taking advantage of solar energy’s potential in Mexico.

CIMMYT remembers vital legacy of gender specialist Paula Kantor

May 14, 2015

CIMMYT is sad to announce the tragic death of our friend and respected colleague, gender and development specialist Paula Kantor. If you would like to offer your condolences you can send us a message …

CIMMYT appoints a new regional representative for Africa

April 24, 2015

Stephen Mugo CIMMYT has appointed Stephen Mugo as the new CIMMYT–Africa Regional Representative (CRR) and the CIMMYT–Kenya Country Representative (CCR). He takes over these two roles from the late Wil …

The journey of a seed

April 16, 2015

Photo credit: CIMMYT CIMMYT Day activities included a session on seed preparation and distribution, including standard procedures of CIMMYT’s Seed Inspection and Distribution Unit (SIDU), which shippe …

Inspired and inspiring lady, Lindiwe Majele Sibanda, leaving CIMMYT Board

April 16, 2015

Photo credit: CIMMYT Dr. Lindiwe Majele Sibanda is one of Africa’s leading advocates for food and nutrition security. As chief executive officer and head of mission of the Africa-wide Food, Agricultur …

CIMMYT welcomes new board members

April 16, 2015

Photo credit: CIMMYT How are New Board Members Appointed? CIMMYT’s Board of Trustees is composed of 13 experts appointed in their individual capacity and not as a representative of any outside entity. …

Mapping agricultural opportunity: how GIS contributes to food security

April 16, 2015

Photo credit: CIMMYT Geography matters – 80% of all data has a spatial component, which is “why geographic information systems (GIS) are growing exponentially,” said Kai Sonder, head of CIMMYT’s GIS u …

Developing hybrids across the board at CIMMYT

April 16, 2015

Photo credit: CIMMYT When a CIMMYT scientist discusses developing hybrids, the first thought that comes to mind is probably new variety of drought tolerant maize. However, CIMMYT engineers in the glob …

CIMMYT Day gives staff opportunity to explore colleagues’ work

April 16, 2015

Photo credit: CIMMYT Comprising interactive presentations in English and Spanish on diverse aspects of the Center’s work, CIMMYT Day at El Batán on 10 April allowed more than 250 staff members to lear …

Celebrating CIMMYT: what will the next 50 years hold?

April 16, 2015

Photo credit: CIMMYT A year of celebrations in honor of Dr. Norman Borlaug’s birth centennial was officially closed last Thursday 9 April in a ceremony at CIMMYT headquarters in Mexico. “If he (my fat …

Sculptor captures demeanor of Nobel laureate Norman Borlaug

April 13, 2015

Artist Katharine McDevitt, creator of a new bronze representation of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Norman Borlaug, is fascinated by sculptures representing pre-Hispanic deities.