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Minister visits

April 21, 2006

Mr. M.K. Anwar, Minister of Agriculture for Bangladesh visited CIMMYT for two days this week. In addition to a welcome presentation by the Director General, he toured the Genebank, Biotech, and Cereal …

CIMMYT hosts high level visitors

April 14, 2006

Showing our best to some high level donor representatives was the name of the game the week of March 20 as CIMMYT played host to several important visitors. Ms Jacqueline Schafer, Assistant Administra …

Wheat yield symposium in Obregon

April 14, 2006

From March 20 to 24, approximately 130 participants from more than twenty nations attended the week-long “International Symposium on Wheat Yield Potential: Challenges to International Wheat Breeding,” …