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Cutting-edge tools promote conservation, use of biodiversity

CIMMYT scientists will present at the COP 13 conference on a new collection of tools and resources that could revolutionize maize breeding and promote genetic diversity conservation.

Conference highlights urgent need to harness genetic resources for future food security

The International Agrobiodiversity Congress provides a platform for farmers, scientists, policymakers and industry leaders to share their experiences in agrobiodiversity management and genetic resourc …

Graduate students at CIMMYT Organize Genetic Diversity Symposium

CIMMYT graduate students will be holding an international symposium on genetic diversity at CIMMYT headquarters in Texcoco, Mexico on 25 and 26 August.

Maize: From Mexico to the world

For Mexicans, the “children of corn,” maize is entwined in life, history and tradition. It is not just a crop; it is central to their identity.

Harnessing maize biodiversity for food security, improved livelihoods in Africa

Diverse, stress tolerant maize varieties are benefiting smallholders throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Scientists unearth genetic treasures from Mexico’s Creole wheats

Findings can help to boost wheat’s climate resilience worldwide

Researchers race to rescue wheat sample in war-torn Syria

With Syria torn apart by civil war, a team of scientists in Mexico and Morocco are rushing to save a vital sample of wheat’s ancient and massive genetic diversity, sealed in seed collections of an int …

Learning partnerships turn research into results for Mexican agriculture

The Seeds of Discovery (SeeD) project seeks to empower the next generation of Mexican scientists to use maize and wheat biodiversity to effectively meet the needs of Mexican agriculture in the future.

Mobilizing gene bank biodiversity in the fight against climate change

CIMMYT’s germplasm bank holds untapped genetic information that could lead to climate resilient wheat varieties, according to a new study.

CIMMYT marks 50 years of innovation in agricultural science for development

CIMMYT will celebrate its 50th anniversary during a three-day event from September 27 to 29, 2016, at headquarters in El Batán, near México City.


CGIAR is the only worldwide partnership addressing agricultural research for development, whose work contributes to the global effort to tackle poverty, hunger and major nutrition imbalances, and envi …

Managing and Sustaining Crop Collections

This is a comprehensive five-year program for the management, as well as the secure and sustainable funding, of the collections of plant genetic resources held by 11 members of the CGIAR Consortium. I …

Martin Kropff, new CIMMYT Director General, embraces science for impact

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EL BATAN, Mexico (CIMMYT) – Martin Kropff, who takes the helm as director general at the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) this week, considers science th …

CIMMYT Remembers Vital Legacy of Gender Specialist Paula Kantor

EL BATAN, Mexico (CIMMYT) – CIMMYT is sad to announce the tragic death of our friend and respected colleague, gender and development specialist Paula Kantor. Paula died on May 13, in the aftermath of …

Maize lethal necrosis: a serious threat to food security in eastern Africa and beyond

Participants are shown how to inspect maize fields for MLN symptoms and how to collect samples for laboratory analysis. Maize lethal necrosis (MLN) has rapidly emerged as one of the deadliest maize di …

Innovation key to wheat yield potential advances, says in-coming CIMMYT DG

Martin Kropff, incoming CIMMYT director general, joined the global wheat community at the CIMMYT research station in Ciudad Obregon in Mexico for annual Visitors’ Week.

Safeguarding seeds against agricultural risks

Jill Cairns Photo credit: FarmD A webinar on Strengthening and Enhancing Seed Systems to Better Manage Agricultural Risk, was presented by Dr Jill Cairns (pictured), Crop Physiologist at the Internati …

Ethiopia’s seed co-ops benefit entrepreneurs and smallholder farmers

Government-subsidized farmer-run cooperatives produce high-yielding, disease-resistant wheat seed, accelerating distribution and helping smallholder farmers grow healthy crops.

Genetic Resources and Bioinformatics

Genetic resources and bioinformatics are the responsibility of the Genetic Resources Program (GRP). It contributes to CIMMYT’s overall mission of increasing crop productivity to improve food security …

CIMMYT seed heads to the frozen north

By Miriam Shindler/CIMMYT CIMMYT’s Wellhausen-Anderson Gene Bank sent its fifth shipment of seed to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway last week for safeguarding. Thirty-four boxes containing ab …