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2nd. Regional Workshop
on STB Management

Led by the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) and the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA), the CGIAR Research Program on Wheat (WHEAT) builds on the input, strength, and collaboration of public and private sector partners to catalyze and head an emergent, highly-distributed, virtual global wheat innovation network that will improve productivity and food security in wheat-based cropping areas of the developing world. It couples discovery science in advanced research institutes with national research and extension programs serving the poor in developing countries. CGIAR (WHEAT-CRP) and Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture (IRESA) jointly set up a Global Field Based Precision Phenotyping Network-Septoria Phenotyping platform. Tunisia Precision Septoria Phenotyping Platform (TunSPP), in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and in collaboration with National and International institutions, is set to phenotype durum wheat germplasm for resistance to Zymoseptoria tritici.

The workshop will provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas relating to understanding and controlling STB diseases of wheat. The goal is to bring together international and national experts, young scientists and students interested in recent advanced studies in all aspects to include disease assessment and field surveys.

Participants are to cover their own cost to include international travel, local accommodation, and expenses. Local transportation and hotel reservation will be provided by organizers

For information and registration E-Mail Amor Yahyaoui and Youssef Trifa

Updates will be provided to all those confirming their attendance

Date Tentative Program Location
May 1, 2017 Arrival of participants  




May 2, 2017 Registration & Introduction
General information on platforms & platform research
Presentation by National research  programs (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, others)
May 3, 2017 Visit Platform  at Beja CRRGCB_Beja
Visit platform Koudia INGC-Koudia
Q&A (overnight at Beja) CRRGC-Beja
May 4, 2017 Visit Farmers’ field & Survey North & North West Bizerte, Beja
May 5, 2017 Presentations Visitors & Guest speakers INRAT
Discussions and recommendations INRAT
May 6, 2017 Departure  


Platform will provide:

  • Local transportation for field days
  • Lunches during field days
  • Coffee break May 2 &5 at INRAT

Guest Participants

Cover own International travel & Hotel accommodations

Hotel reservations will be provided

Local participants

Free attendance to lectures at INRAT

Free transport to field day (May 3: Beja-koudia)

  • Local transportation for field days
  • Lunches during field days
  • Coffee break May 2 &5 at INRAT




Start Date:

May 2, 2017

End Date:

May 5, 2017