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Scaling up research for impact

April 27, 2017

As part of a German Development Cooperation effort to aid the scaling up of agricultural innovations, Lennart Woltering recently joined CIMMYT’s Sustainable Intensification Program.

Q+A: Agricultural mechanization fuels opportunity for youth in rural Africa

April 26, 2017

Small-scale agricultural mechanization is showing signs it has the potential to fuel rural employment for youth in sub-Saharan Africa, according to researchers.

Climate Resilient Maize for Asia

March 21, 2016

Climate Resilient Maize for Asia is supported by Germany’s development agency GIZ, and implemented as a public-private partnership, which targets enhanced resilience among resource-poor, maize-based f …

International Maize Improvement Consortium – Asia

February 18, 2016

The International Maize Improvment Consortium in Asia (IMIC-Asia) is a partnership of 35 institutions (seed companies, national programs and foundations) formed by CIMMYT to develop and share improved …

Inaugural Paula Kantor Award recognizes work on agriculture, gender, improved diets

January 14, 2016

Post-doctoral fellow Soumya Gupta is the winner of the inaugural Paula Kantor Award for Excellence in Field Research, the International Centre for Research on Women announces.

Direct seeding with two-wheel tractors increases wheat yield and saves time in the Ethiopian highlands

December 16, 2015

A service provider in Lemo, Ethiopia. Photo: Frédéric Baudron Agronomic practices that can close the wheat yield gap in the Ethiopian highlands are well known: row planting, precise fertilizer applica …

SUPER WOMAN: Paula Kantor engages men to support gender progress

May 29, 2015

FOCUS ON WOMEN CAN INADVERTENTLY END UP ALIENATING MEN Gender research and outreach should engage men more effectively, according to Paula Kantor, CIMMYT gender and development specialist who is leadi …

Harnessing Mexico’s Sun: CIMMYT Installs 920 Solar Panels in Green Initiative

May 18, 2015

CIMMYT is actively taking advantage of solar energy’s potential in Mexico.

Ph.D. perspective: nematode research with CIMMYT an ‘inspiring opportunity’

April 17, 2014

By Samad Ashrafi Ashrafi is a Ph.D. candidate from Iran working with CIMMYT under Amer Dababat on a project funded by Germany’s Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. Plan …

Stress-resilient maize hybrids developed for Asian tropics

March 20, 2014

By K. Seetharam, M.T. Vinayan and P.H. Zaidi/CIMMYT   The development of maize germplasm with combined drought and water-logging tolerance and a strong product line ready for deployment in Asia’s …

Using double haploid in maize breeding

July 6, 2012

The use of doubled haploids in maize breeding was first proposed more than half a century ago. Today, the in vivo haploid induction technique is routinely used in maize inbred line development, in bot …

ATMA annual review and planning meeting

June 18, 2012

The ‘Abiotic stress tolerant maize for Asia’ (ATMA) project aims to increase incomes and food security for the poor of South and southeast Asia, with the assistance of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Intern …